St. Louis for a Ceasefire

We need to put collective pressure on our alderpeople to pass a ceasefire resolution



1/1/20242 min read


Today we celebrate a historic victory for the Board of Alders. St. Louis now joins the ranks of progressive cities across the US calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Our many thanks to President Megan Green, Rasheen Aldridge and every alder who voted yes for standing with Representative Cori Bush. Local resolutions can influence national policies, and we're hopeful for broader action. Thanks to St. Louisans for raising voices against violence, and to our alderpeople for listening.

Our hearts ache for 22,000+ Palestinians lost in Israeli attacks, and 2 million displaced Gazans. U.S. support for this brutality must end. Public opinion is shifting, and we're pushing for policy changes that protect Palestinian lives and align with American interests.

Over $5 million of St. Louis City residents' tax money annually funds Israel's weapons. Imagine if that money supported public housing or low-cost healthcare! Speak out against this injustice. Today's success is a reminder of our collective power, just the beginning. Join us against genocide and resource misuse. Let's use our voices to affirm humanity, drive change in our neighborhoods and in Gaza. The road is tough, but small victories, like today's, fuel our determination in the mission for liberation, equal rights, and security in Palestine.

JANUARY 12, 2024

The last three months have been difficult, devastating, and demoralizing.

What's given many of us hope is the relationships we're building with people like you.

We have been marching every week for 3 months demanding an end to the genocide in Gaza. We've held our signs, raised our flags, and shouted in unison: Ceasefire Now.

We've been in the streets for weeks, yet our leaders in St. Louis City haven't called for a ceasefire, despite Cori Bush leading the congressional call that's now become worldwide.

The world is undoubtedly with us, yet our local leaders have remained silent.

It's time to nudge them a little more.

Several volunteers have been working around the clock to create the St. Louis for a Ceasefire Toolkit. Our next step is to reach out to our alderpeople and urge them to pass a resolution in support of Cori, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

We're on a time crunch and we need to start TODAY.

In the toolkit, you will find a list of the city's wards, neighborhoods, and their alderpeople. We have script samples for emails and calls and we provided talking points to help support the conversation.

This is our ask:

  • Identify your alderperson and call/email/tweet with the resources in the toolkit.

  • Share the toolkit with everyone you know. In your circles and on social media.

  • Organize with your neighbors, write postcards urging a ceasefire and send them to the rest of the neighborhood. Tell them to find the toolkit on our website, or find a link to it on our social media.

  • Keep having conversations about Palestine and Gaza.

  • We can't make them forget about the genocide, our New Year's resolution is a ceasefire. Period.

The ceasefire resolution will be presented to the board on Jan. 12.

We have 12 days for action.

The time to start is now.

Print this flyer and spread it around neighborhoods.