Boycott Divestment Sanctions

This is the place where you can access all the materials required to educate yourself on the pressing issues impacting the Palestinian population and to mobilize within your community to advocate for Palestinian rights.

Palestine Resource Guide

This resource guide is a collaborative effort by a team of dedicated volunteers, and it undergoes daily revisions and enhancements. Navigate through the latest statistics, recommended pages, and essential resources to amplify your impact.

Palestine 101

This educational resource sheds light on the enduring Zionist settler colonial project, spanning over a century, and elucidates the ongoing process of Israel's ethnic cleansing in Palestine. Discover the rich legacy of Palestinian resistance against the colonization of their homeland.

Visualizing Palestine

The purpose of the Visualizing Palestine (VP) site is to use data and research to visually communicate the experiences of Palestinians, with the ultimate goal of provoking a change in prevailing narratives. The site serves as a tool for education, advocacy, and fostering a deeper understanding of the Palestinian narrative.

U.S. Military Funding to Israel Map

Discover the impact of your tax dollars on Israel's actions against the Palestinian people. Each year, the U.S. government allocates a blank check of at least $3.8 billion, funding Israeli violence in violation of U.S. laws. This site offers an interactive map to explore how much your city contributes to this military funding.

Conquer and Divide

The site serves to visually document a timeline of Israel's actions in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip over the past fifty years. It emphasizes the impact of Israel's control on millions of Palestinians, denying them political rights and agency. The interactive map illustrates how Israel has employed legislative, legal, planning, funding, and defense measures to fragment Palestinian space, condensing populations into enclaves, exploiting resources, and annexing land. The site highlights the inherent violence and undemocratic nature of this reality, emphasizing the need for its cessation.