Palestine supporters have marched in St. Louis for years. But not in numbers like this.

Nassim Benchaabane , Annika Merrilees


ST. LOUIS — One morning this month, about a hundred people met at the foot of the federal courthouse downtown to protest Israel’s shelling of the Gaza Strip. Hundreds more shut down a West County street that afternoon. That evening, another hundred wound through the Cortex Innovation District, drumming and chanting.

That night, after the last march had ended, a small group still lingered at Chouteau Park, near The Grove entertainment district.

There, Ahlam Jaber looked around. Jaber, 33, of Madison County, has been involved in the movement for Palestinian statehood for about a decade. But never before has she seen people in St. Louis show up in such numbers, so many times, for the cause.

“People get tired. I’m tired,” she said. “We’re grad students. We’re working. We’re moms; we’re dads. We’re tired. But we’re showing up — and we’re showing up in pretty large numbers, for St. Louis.”