Palestine Solidarity Activists Block Boeing’s Doors to Stop Delivery of Bombs

“Until Congress blocks the bombs, we will,” said the coalition of activists at the manufacturing plant in Missouri.

Ngakiya Camara & Kelly Hayes , TRUTHOUT

11/6/20231 min read


This morning, over 75 youth activists blocked all entrances to Boeing Building 598, a major weapons manufacturing company located in St. Charles, Missouri. Bringing together members from at least five different local and national grassroots groups, the action aimed to disrupt Boeing’s delivery of more than 1,000 bombs to Israel.

“Young people have decided not to wait on Biden and Congress — many members of whom receive financial support from weapons companies, including Boeing — and take calls for ceasefire into their own hands by physically blocking the movement and shipment of bombs in a peaceful and nonviolent action outside Boeing’s manufacturing plant,” the coalition announced in a published statement.

The coalition occupying Boeing 598 is prepared to continue putting pressure where it hurts on the companies that have threatened Black lives at home and Palestinian lives abroad. They demand that Congress and Biden issue an immediate ceasefire and end arms sales to Israel. “Until Congress blocks the bombs, we will,” Rose Tang, an organizer with Boeing Arms Genocide who took part in the Boeing blockade, told Truthout.