Hit War Profiteers Where It Hurts!

Bisan has called for a global strike from January 21-28 to stop the genocide in Gaza.



1/20/20243 min read

For over 100 days now, Joe Biden and the US government have aided and armed Israel’s genocide of Palestinians.

Missouri sends over $131 million in goods and services to Israel each year, including $51 million from taxpayers to fund the Israeli military. St. Louis taxpayers alone fund the Israeli military with over $5 million every year.

Days ago, our beloved Bisan called for a global strike January 21-28, and we’re here to answer.

It is time to intensify our call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Palestine by applying economic pressure to our state and federal governments.

This strike is a mass, concentrated refusal to go about our jobs, education, spending, and all daily activities that contribute to this economy which feeds the genocide in Palestine.

The main ways you can participate:

Don’t go to work

If you do go to work, explain your stance against genocide and your solidarity with Palestine to your co-workers, and stage a walk-out.

Don’t go to school

If you do go to school, organize a walk-out with your peers and teachers. If you are a parent of a student, talk to other parents about the strike, and let the school know why you’re keeping your kids home.

Don’t spend money

Buy your essentials for the week ahead of time. If you do need to buy anything, spend your money at Palestinian-owned businesses.

While abstaining from everyday activities, you can...

Educate yourself about the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. 
  • Learn which companies to boycott when the strike is over.

Post about Palestine on social media.
  • Amplify Palestinian voices by liking, commenting on, sharing, and archiving their content.

  • Avoid interacting with or posting any non-Palestine-related content on social media.

  • Your attention is currency, too.

Research the institutions you’re involved with.

  • Have they issued statements or taken actions condemning Israel’s genocide of Palestinians?

  • Are they financially or ideologically complicit?

  • Bring this subject up with institutional leaders, and demand divestment from the genocide.

Organize an action or protest to raise awareness of the genocide in Palestine.

  • Disrupt those individuals, events, and institutions continuing with business as usual.

  • Check out this comprehensive toolkit for targeted action ideas and protocols.

Educate yourself about Palestine and the genocide.

  • Read about Palestinian history and culture.

  • Read Palestinian novels and poetry.

  • Organize a Palestinian book club/reading group or screen Palestinian films with your people.

Help Dr. Intimaa AbuHelou, a Palestinian St. Louisan, get her family out of Gaza.

"In the latest tragedy, we lost our beloved grandmother, and two of my brothers along with their wives and children, leaving an indelible scar on our hearts. My father, amidst his own grief, had to perform the heart-wrenching task of burying them."

Talk about Palestine as much as you can

US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) provides a topic-by-topic breakdown of the Palestine issue, from the roots of Zionism to present-day Palestinian political prisoners and Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Protect Palestine is a resource guide that offers everything from the latest statistics of the genocide to 3-minute actions to discussion points regarding Palestine.

Learn about the weapons and military equipment US war profiteers manufacture for Israel.

Adalah Justice Project

“A Palestinian-led advocacy organization based in the U.S. that builds cross-movement coalitions to achieve collective liberation.”

Mass strikes and boycotts have proved not only effective, but politically, culturally, and historically seismic.

  • The Montgomery bus boycott, inspired by Rosa Parks, resulted in the desegregation of buses in the United States. 

  • The South African Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM) and the 1973 Durban workers strikes over time toppled the South African apartheid regime. 

  • The Palestinian BDS movement, inspired by AAM, applies economic pressure on Israel to comply with international law by boycotting complicit companies and institutions. 

Since October 7, 2023 ...

McDonald’s, which supplies the IOF with free meals, has lost 70% of its revenue in Egyptian franchises since being pressured by BDS boycotts. 

And in December 2023, Puma announced the end of its sponsorship of the Israeli soccer team after years of pressure from BDS.

Mass Strikes Work

Individually and collectively, locally, and globally, by rupturing the status quo - we can and will make our government hear our demands for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Palestine.