St. Louis Residents, Organizations, and Clergy Lead Open Letter in Support of Congresswoman Cori Bush's Ceasefire Efforts in Gaza

Press Contact

Shona Clarkson

Today, a diverse coalition of individuals, organizations, and clergy from across St. Louis released an open letter expressing unwavering support for Congresswoman Cori Bush (MO-01) and her relentless efforts to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. This letter follows a letter critiquing Congresswoman Cori Bush and falsely accusing her of “fanning the flames of anti-semitism.”

Over 30 St. Louis organizations signed the letter, representing multiple faiths, races, and identities, including: Progressive Jews of St. Louis, Jewish Voice for Peace-St Louis, Anti Racism Organizing Collective (AROC-STL), Freedom Community Center, National Lawyers Guild-St. Louis, Epiphany United Church of Christ, Human Rights Collective, Faith for Justice, Tent Mission STL, The Center for Growing Justice, Coalition Against Police Crimes & Repression (CAPCR), Imam Council of Metropolitan St. Louis, MoHo Justice Coalition, American Muslims for Palestine - Missouri (St. Louis), the St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee, St. Louis Queer + Support Helpline, The American Friends Service Committee's Saint Louis Peacebuilding Program, Black Men Build and the Islamic Foundation of Greater St Louis. National organizations additionally signing onto the statement include the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), Jewish Voice for Peace Action, and Adalah Justice Project.

“Ceasefire is the only moral choice. Palestinians and people of conscience across the country are grateful to Cori Bush for her leadership in Congress to stop the Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. During the uprising in Ferguson, our organization stood side by side with Black organizations and leaders like Cori Bush to demand an end to state violence. Today we stand together again to save life. We respect and trust Congresswoman Bush because of her consistent and unwavering dedication to human rights and dignity for all people, even in the face of extreme backlash. Cori Bush was on the right side of history during Ferguson, and she is on the right side of history today.” Su Mac, member of the St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee.

“As Jewish St. Louisans we stand side by side with Cori Bush and join her in demanding a ceasefire. We are grateful for her courage in speaking the truth and calling to end the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. We refuse to allow Jewish grief to be used as a weapon of war or a justification for the murder of children and innocent people.” Rachel Brown, an organizer with St. Louis Jewish Voice for Peace. “Cori Bush’s social media post condemning ethnic cleansing directly quoted a public statement by Israel’s Prime Minister that used unambiguous genocidal biblical language calling for the complete destruction of Gaza. The collective letter supporting Bush shows that real safety only comes through multi-racial, coalitional, anti-colonial solidarity in great numbers.”

“Progressive Jews of St. Louis are devastated by the genocide unfolding before our eyes. The Jewish community leaders who recently denounced Congresswoman Cori Bush’s brave statements calling for a ceasefire do not speak for all Jewish St. Louisans,” said Hannah Rosenthal, co-founder and organizer of Progressive Jews of St. Louis, “The letter attacking Cori Bush falsely conflates criticism of Israel’s government with antisemitism. This narrative is misleading and divisive. Congresswoman Bush cares about Jews and has never demonstrated otherwise. She is exemplifying with grace how to condemn antisemitism, show empathy for Jews, and stand up for Palestinians, who are under the most direct violence and threat right now. Her moral courage and leadership in sponsoring the Ceasefire Now Resolution and openly supporting Palestinians, while denouncing antisemitism, makes us so proud to have her as our congresswoman.”

“I have added my signature in support of Congresswoman Cori Bush’s call for a bilateral ceasefire in Gaza. As a fellow faith leader, healthcare provider, and seeker of justice for all people, my soul weeps as we continue to watch the rising death count of Palestinians who have no where to go and no way to tend to the wounded, protect their children, or defend themselves. This is a crisis.” said Rev. Traci Blackmon, Associate General Minister of Justice & Local Church Ministries for The United Church of Christ and Public Theologian.

“Cori Bush is a voice of goodwill and moral conscience. Palestine has been under cruel, tortuous occupation for decades. It is not anti-Semitic to condemn state sanctioned murder. To condemn ethnic cleansing, supremacist regime and systemic oppression takes both boldness and humility. I join the cries and outcries of my fellow signatories demanding ceasefire - which is the only pathway to peace.” said Rev. Michelle Higgins, Table Coordinator of Electoral Justice Project, Movement for Black Lives, Senior Pastor, St. John’s United Church of Christ, the Beloved Beloved Community in St. Louis MO.

The organizations and individuals signing the statement join the 66% of U.S. voters — including 80% of Democrats and 56% of Republicans — who support an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

To read the full text of the letter and to sign on click here.